(ScottishPig) #1

Animation test to be exact. Engine, WIP. To propel a set of windlasses or something… I have yet to find a purpose for it, but it’s a good animation test nonetheless.

NOTE: It’s not textured yet… only basic materials. Or:

The server is sometimes down, unfortunatly.

(S68) #2


Much cool :slight_smile:

Like the general setting.

you need some mechanical details here and there (screws, more realistic joints etc) but is a great thing


(harkyman) #3

Nice, SP. I always like stuff like this. My only suggestion would be to round off the end of the big horizontal canister. It looks like there’s maybe only four or five edges around the whole curve, and it really sticks out.

Texture it, add a tiny little bit of DOF*, light it, add motion blur+, and it would look soooo cool.

+not optional. you MUST use motion blur with this. Otherwise… well… you should use it.

(BgDM) #4

Hey SP, very cool! I love it. Ditto to what Stefano said. Also, the cylinder was not smoothed. Fix that and add some minor details, and you have a winner. Nice camera work as well. Done in sequence editor, I assume?


(ScottishPig) #5

A bit of sequencing. It was generally an armature test to see how well I could get the buggers to work. Textures, screws, etc will be added in good time. :slight_smile: