Testbuild 2.70

Hi all, first testbuild for 2.70 is online.
Test, test and report bugs to tracker.

Cheers, mib.

On Vista 64, the VC2013 executable raises and exception due to not resolving K32GetProcessMemoryInfo from Kernel32.dll. On thisMicrosoft support page there are the information required to make the thing work also on pre-Win7 versions.

B.t.w., the non-VC2013 version does not exhibit this problem.

Just tried it briefly. GPU rendering is fine - but when I switch to CPU, all I get is black (win 64, core i7 cpu).

moony: That’s not enough information for an assessment.

Which build did you use exactly, which Windows version, which CPU excactly, in all scenes or just a particular file…

I used the following - however I am unable to reproduce the issue this morning. Perhaps it was a local glitch in my system

blender-2.70-testbuild1-win64.zip from the link above
Intel Core i7 870

What were you rendering though? A test blend would be useful.

The default scene. I always start with that.

I think you are right. I will make sure next build does not suffer from this and test more / better on vista 64.

@Juicyfruit - Interesting that the blender-2.70-testbuild1-win64-vc2013 works normally on my win8, amd64 system but the latest build from the buildbot blender-2.69-77290fc-win64-vc12 still won’t even open! (messaged you the screenshots of console)

What does “VC” stand for?

Microsoft Visual C compiler. No, the compiler is not actually visual, it’s just part of Visual Studio :stuck_out_tongue:

So which is better?

That question makes no sense.

for Windows (64 or 32) there are two downloads available – one installer is “VC20XX”; one installer makes no mention of compiler. Which installer is better?

If you have to ask, I’d recommend you stick with official releases from blender.org. If you feel you really want to use the dailies however, the ones marked VC will render a little faster in CPU mode but may or may not be be slightly unstable. Use at your own risk and don’t come complaining when they crash or you lose data.

Fair enough

//tucks tail between legs and whimpers off…//

Aw, I didn’t mean it like that. Sorry.

Actually let me double back a little bit here. Do come complaining (and filing bug reports) when it crashes or when you lose data. Just don’t be terribly surprised or disappointed. :slight_smile:

The builds without VC in the name, use VC2008. Blender 2.70 will be the last release with VC2008, for Blender 2.71 we will switch to VC2013. Therefore we also offer the VC2013 now, for testing purposes.

VC2013 is faster in Cycles for example. But for testing purposes I suggest to still stick with VC2008 for a few weeks, or at least double check if a bug also occurs with the VC2008 build.

testing out volumetrics :smiley:

If you switch to 2013, please test the thing on Vista; as it is now it is a no-no.