Testbuilds for 2.63

If somebody not knows, there are official testbuilds for the new 2.63 version of blender available at:



Please test and report bugs:

Cheers, mib.

Do i have to activate bmesh or something?

isnt it meant to get rid of triangles and stuff.

How does these builds compare to the GraphicAll.org builds? 43 Gb’s compared to 27-33 Gb’s for the optimized builds of GraphicAll makes me wonder a bit though…

Yes. -you can have faces with more than 4 sides. proof: on the model above, select the vertex on top with 4 edges coming from it. press x select collapse.

You’re not forced to have models with 3 or 4 sides only. That’s just the beginning.

@Farmfield, these builds are build like the release builds, with all libs etc…
The win64 2.62 zip is 44 MB.


I’m pretty sure the builds I d/l have that too. Perhaps it’s as simple as it’d due to them being compressed with 7zip on higher compression than the official zip-files. So I’m probably an idiot. ;D

Okay I understand now, it is there under the hood, just not all features there yet. Thanks.

if you don’t want this result, use the bevel the first time and then select the edges loops only, otherwise the bevel affects all of the edges

Hit the ‘k’ key for the knife tool and mess with that. It makes it a lot more clear what bmesh does. There are a few other new tools too like inset faces, bridge, dissolve, and vertex connect. Bevel is still pretty broken unfortunately.

For a first view take a look at this tutorial:

It is from mid feb. and some new tools are added and bugs are fixed.

Cheers, mib.

To see immediately an example of Bmesh ngon support, click on Add -> Mesh - Cylinder
And look at the top and bottom faces.

But play a lot with the knife ( key shortcut being K ) , it’s simply fantastic and extremely usefull, for this knife alone it was worth making the editmode core being Bmesh.

By the way, i was looking at the “testbuild” version , it’s apparently revision 45364
I must say it’s already outdated if i look on the buildbot, that for my system has currently revision 45412 and has some more bug fixed than the “testbuild”.

So if you want to contribute in reporting bugs, it may be better to use a Blender from the buildbot so you don’t report bugs that may in fact already be fixed.

It will not “get rid of triangles” automatically, if that is what you are asking. I just allows you to have polygons of more than four sides, as well as having improvements in mesh evaluation. In your example there is a bevel going on and bevel is still a work in progress for the bmesh builds. In many cases it does not give proper results. It will eventually.