testin the blender2pov

hey i now love povray as much as blender on my machine it will do caustics
yafray will not at all i never for yafray to work an any machine i used but povray will it even works on a tiny 166 mhz laptop (its a dell lattitude lm very old) but using the blend2pov plugin it works nicely it renders faster then the blender internal even so im very happy with that

i do have a question is there anyway to set blender to come up with that plugin already on? like have it up when blender starts up


Try blend2pov 0.0.6. it doesn’t use a script anymore:

Cool povray script builtin awesome so what happened to yafray did development stop or what (ive never gotten it to work ever on any machine ive used)

Yafray should still be alive, but as version 0.08 tells us, it is in an early development state. Dunno, where the problem is on your maschines, on mine it is mostly doing well so far. Sometimes, I get some crashes but don’t really mind, as long as they don’t affect Blender itself.

About PovRay, I’d really like to test it, is anyone able to build a Mac package? Dunno much about that jet and atm I don’t have much time to learn about it.

that build is very cool thanks for the link.

i wonder if this will ever be incorperated in to an offical build

The mac build for Pov-Ray is here http://mac.povray.org/

Hope that helps, Yafray does work to some degree but I havent been able to get many caustics, Are there many tutorials for pov-ray, is there a wiki for it?

a wiki for povray hmm… i think ive seen one befor but i cant be sure