Testing 3D tiles of a Game Level using Proxy/Collection?


I have several 3D tiles made in one .blend file that I would like to test in another .blend file. Here are my tiles:

And the hierarchy:

And basically, I want to have my tiles organised this way, in another file, so that I see if the seams between tiles are correct:

What I currently do is to put every single tile in a collection, like so:

Then I link the collections in my new file, using File/Link…
I am then able to move and rotate them;
HOWEVER the origins of the “proxy collections” are not centered on the tiles, making the manipulation a bit cumbersome. See here the mess in terms of origins:

You can see that the origin of the active object is far from the tile’s center. Is there a way to recenter the origin of the collection? The method “Set Origin” does not work…

Do you have any other ideas for testing my 3D tiles in another file while keeping them linked?
Thank you very much :slight_smile: