Testing a 360 video in blender

Hello guys! I am currently working on a short 360 video in blender, but I am having a lot of troubles debugging. The scene modeled upon a real scene, and I am trying to put objects in the position they have in the original file, but every time I want to preview the render I need to save it externally, open it with a different program, see my scene, and go back to blender. Is there any built-in tool to preview 360 videos within blender? Even previewing single frames could be useful.

I haven’t done animations, but for stills I save it out and just preview it as an environment texture where I can look around. In a 3D view, just zoom regular scene stuff way out of view.

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I had thought about it, but I was hoping for a more “elegant” way. I’ll probably do the same, thanks!

I didn’t know where to post it, sorry :slight_smile:

No worries. This is a kind of difficult question to classify. :slight_smile: