Testing Arnold

hi guys my first test on arnold


This guy is amazing !
I was thinking on how to make such a good skin texture.
All the “dots” on it. Is it on the texture or is it sculpted and baked ?

And there should be more sculpting on the beard.

skin color is great.

This looks amazing, at first glance I thought it was Patrick Steward (Captain Picard from “Star Trek The next generation”).

I too would like to know your secret to creating realistic skin texture.

Very nice sculpt and texture.
My only critic would be the eye colour that looks weird, but it is hard to correctly shade eyes.

Is this a lowpoly based model?
I see that hairs were sourced on a picture…
Will you go for real hairs?

Very Nice!

arnold on blender how to :smiley:

:)) same this kind of thing i need for my models i
mean im gonna make one :slight_smile: great skin texture man