Testing BI glass

Pretty self explainitory. Please comment and critique. Special thanks to Mr. Rage who rendered this for me on his dual quad, couldnt have done this w/out him. So he gets half the credit !!! This baked for 4 hours in BI.

looks really realistic
cool stuff

awesome render, great DoF effect…
i didn’t know BI can do HDR backgrounds.

my critique is the background is a bit noisy and the glass edges are a big jagged… maybe you need more samples to remove the jaggedness…

thx, I probably won’t rerender after those render times though !

There is an incomplete raytracing speedup patch in the patch tracker that was coded I think by BA member YPossoint (may not be exact spelling)

Then he got a job that won’t let him work on Blender code so it’s there for people who want to complete the code.