Testing Einstein

(rwv01) #1

Check this out!
This is a project I’ve been following with interest for some time now.
It’s an experiment to measure the curvature of space/time around the Earth!

Gravity Probe B.


(Timonides) #2

Oh man!!! :smiley:

That’s highly interesting. Thanks for the info rwv01!!!

I wonder what would happen in case they found out that Einstein wasn’t right (ahhh! just a thought of mine)…

Thanks again…

(rwv01) #3

If they did, that would really send 'm back to school.
They’d have to rethink General Relativity!
Either way, the results will have huge implications.

The experiment will also check for another effect called frame dragging.
Some scientists think as the earth rotates, it drags space time around with it, Sort of like when you put a spinning ball in a bucket of water.

(Nahtanoj) #4

Its an interesting experiment I hope nothing goes wrong in getting the satellite into orbit.

We’ll just have to wait for the results to see what kind of affect it will have on the theory.

And on the inventions that will spur from it.

(Timonides) #5

Yeah!!! It would surely help a lot in solving the mysteries of time-space.

I was also reading this article from “The Mercury news” they have at their site… it says that it costs $650 billion… and it was reviled for high cost???

Compared to that trillion USD they spend each year for Star Wars, to bring doom upon our heads, I say that these 650 billions are well spent…

And they will certainly benefit mankind…

(rwv01) #6

Actually it’s $650 million+
Still, perhaps the most expensive experiment in history!

The particulars of the instrument itself are astounding!

The sight says that the gyro scopes, if left freely spinning,
would loose only 1% of their origional speed after 1,000 years!