Testing for First Time

I have been testing the UPBGE. I am using Eevee and it lags a lot. Does anyone have any advice? Maybe I should be baking my lights? I kept the models fairly simple.

This should run very smooth.
Perhaps use one sun light only, for rings use emissive shader from shader nodes.

Could you tell :

  • Did you get the latest Upbge 0.3 binary ?
  • What post effects are activated ?
  • Is your graphic card GTX 960 equivalent or above ?

Upload your file if you want us to test and give feedback.
Because a game i made in Upbge 0.3 uses million polygons and it runs lot more smoothly than yours, there might be some wrong setup on your side.

Armature skinning can be quite slow

How many faces on the actors?

Can you display your profiler when it’s running slow?

I used an emission shader. It did little so I also added the bloom. The latest version of UPBGE was used. I am using a Macbook Pro but I also tried a GTX780 and it was even slower on that machine.

For post effects I do have Ambient Occlusion set and have not been baking. I just tried baking and it seems the same.
I am not doing LOD because I have never tried that before. My shapes seem simple though.

I turned off bloom and emission. It’s going very fast now. I will play with these settings. Thanks!

Did you forgot by chance, to enable rendering to be on your GPU & not just CPU?

also all those floating boxes can be instances (alt + d) instead of shift+d

many groups of objects can be spawned using ‘spawn instance checkbox’ in collection settings
and collection actuator can make large groups of objects logic / physics / draw turn on/off

GTX 780 is very old and very low specs, entry for 3D work or games is more towards GTX 960.
Perhaps it was the bloom, glad you have it working.