Testing freestyle

I have been long time wanting to do something in Blender, but my inspiration has been dry, today I saw the new Blender 2.67, with the inclusion of freestyle, so I forced myself into doing at least something basic to force me to awake from my slumber, so I did a very basic modeling and rendered it to see how it would look, I haven’t used blender for so long, that I felt somewhat ashamed that I forgot how to save the result render, I had to Google it. D:

It may be simple, but it’s a complete model that looks good.

Thanks man.

Looks really good. From all I have learned from Blender, you’d think it wasn’t capable of cartoon-like renders.

I have a question for you actually (you and anyone else who happens to know, because I cannot work it out): with this new Blender 2.67 FreeStyle rendering, do you have to download something to make it work, or is literally all in the FreeStyle settings under the Render panels in Scene View?