Testing if I can even run eevee on this rig

Yes I can c: but the stutters, maan!

So I used Krita for the first time like eight hours ago and I’m already pumped with how nice it is.
Handpainted some wood, put that texture through bounding box’s materialize,
then finally punished my poor old system by making this material in eevee. Yay open source!

Used the disney PBR shader thingy and a bunch of textures and mix nodes, but these actually rendered out in like a couple of seconds so I’d guess with a decent computer this kind of material is not so bad for real-time.

The textures are about 1k in size but I’m suprised how nicely they hold up when I zoom in. Well, by my standards anyway, I’m more used to the awful, blurry and pixelated. But it blows my mind how cute these kind of stylized textures look when you sprinkle some realism into the shading.

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It’s look good, I can see it’s wood, Good job - -

Good result, Well done - –