Testing new features. Wow.

Blender 2.46 RC3 is one nice piece of software.
100 000 verts. 8 second render. AO, soft shadows.

What is that thing?

Nice use of new features.

clearly this is a cubicle brain

It’s not really anything… it’s a hi-poly object:)

Here’s another render. Another couple layers of multires and renders at only 12 seconds. (400 000 verts)

Push it to 1 million!

A cube brain.:smiley:

1.6 Million verts: 27 seconds.

Keep in mind that most of that time was taken up by pre-calculations and stuff. The rendering itself happened in probably 15 seconds.

where do you get this nice new pice of software?
i didnt see it on the blender download page

missleswarm: Go to blender.org, look under the announcements section on the home page. There’s a headline about 2.46 RC3, click on it.

Of course, speed will also depend on your system :wink:

What sort of system are you running, blenditall?

Oh. Hi poly. I thought this might have been that feature where materials are volumetric.
Is that the right term? What’s going on with that anyway?