Testing out the node system


NOTE: my image album is still under the old Kansas_15 name

Made with 2.42 preview 27 from Erwin.

I just wanted to play with the nodes and goof around with what I could do and decided to pile 3 stencil textures on top of each other. Now the only way you could do this in 2.41 was to have three meshes on top of each other. I also messed with RGB and vector curves and normals but I didn’t use them for this.

Cool, its even got the cellnoise texture i remember :slight_smile:

Yeah, I find nodes confusing, so this is pretty cool.

Anything you can do with textures and materials you can do with nodes.

How I did this was that I made three materials then connected 3 material nodes together and used the node material to get the final result, bumpmapping, displacement and any other thing you can do with materials is possible with nodes.