testing post of GIF file

(pamtango) #1

This is from a site I did for a friend. Low res animation done in Blender, using “make a candle” tutorial, and using Flash to make into animated GIF.
The original Tut was done by RedBlend. See his site at: http://www.reblended.com/


I just noticed that the image sometimes appears and sometimes not. If not go to:

Looks like it’s my service provider who’s causing this problem. Well, it is a free site.

(paradox) #2

Thats cool I like the style.

(shibbydude) #3

Actually, my name is Matt :slight_smile: and I have never been RedBlend. The only name I go by is Shibbydude. But that’s ok. I am really glad the old Blender.nl tutorials were of some use to you. Great animation, too.

This is the case with most free hosts; except http://www.iptic.com. This is Adam Casto’s (acasto) site and the link won’t give you a signup page, but if you ask him real nicely I think he might give you some space. I will also be setting up a small web server in a while, so if you email me back in a week or two I might be able to give you a few megs. Okay? Cool.