Testing Render Image little blur


I am not sure I posted to the right here since I look for Render section. So, I had created all classic kitchen stuff models. I tested part of table and chairs and plate, fork,knife,spoon and mug and napkin without material and texture on Image Render. It looks not good because there are little blur. I use 640 X 460 pixels at 50 % resolution. can you help me to solve the render to edit on better and clear quality image before I could texture and material and doing the animation at last? Thanks


looks like you just need to up your resolution. Try bringing the render percentage up to 100%, or increasing the resolution.

@Mexicoxican- Gracias Muchas! It works!! Little knowledge on resolution but still learning. lol…

640x480 is sooo tiny, and with 50%, that’s really small! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just boost the res up. 1920x1080 is the new standard for HD movies, another good one is 1280x720. If you do not want widescreen, use 1024x768.

@rioforce-Thank you for tips. I can experiment on that…BTW, I like the quote of Philippian 4:13…Amen!