Testing social media links in profiles

I just added beta support for links to Twitter and Instagram in the profile settings. These links will display on your user card (which shows when you click a user avatar), and on user profile pages:


Please have a try and let me know if anything shows up wrong. I’ll be integrating this in our script that shares the featured work on social media so we can properly tag the authors.


Bios aren’t showing up for me & neither are any profiles, except my own. I’m on Safari 13.1.1.

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Interesting. Were they showing before today?

I don’t remember, but I’m almost positive they were working at one point prior.

I forgot to add the component to the dark theme :man_facepalming: could you try again? It should now work in Safari.

I did find another issue for all browsers though: the user cards will no longer show when you’re not logged in. I’ll check with the developers.

I’m using light theme in Firefox and I don’t see any link either.

Hmm, are you sure? I’m on Firefox/light theme and I see it just fine.

I’m may been missing something.

Ditto. This is what I see when I click your profile:

Google Chrome Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Mac Os Catalina 10.15.5

Thanks for those reports, I’ll look in to it!

The user cards still aren’t showing. Strange…

The icons are black on dark grey and they’re hard to see
Edit: I can only see that on my profile and when I’m logged in. I can’t see it on @bartv 's profile or when I view my profile while logged out

Hey @bartv, even while logged in i can not see any cards nor can i see any profiles except my own. Maybe user or group permissions setting ?

Thanks for all the reports, everyone! I’m still looking in to this.

In the mean time, our first Instagram share by @Joe_Siu using this new system just went out :tada:


Thats a great feature! Thx a lot :smiley:

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I know they worked like 2 to 3 days ago ,so does appear this feature is what broke it.

I tracked this down to the ‘follow’ plugin that we use here - it’s not related to the component we’re using for the social media icons on the user cards and profiles (it has been disabled for the moment - but you can still edit your social media usernames in your settings).

The issue has been reported to the follow plugin developer and I’m waiting for a fix.


near invisible on dark theme

Hey all,

I just updated Discourse and this theme component and I think things work a little better now. Can you please test and report?


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