Testing some textures =)

I was playing with some image textures and procedurals and came up with this. I used photoshop to remove some of the repeative marks on the wall and ground. I want to get good at texturing. I have never been good at it so I want to get better. I figured this is a little progress. Please crit me becasue I want to know how I can make it better.




I like it. The bricks could use a bit more ‘Nor’ perhaps. They seem a bit flat. Otherwise, tell us your secrets and/or link the blend file.

ahh the wonders of blender procedurals. the texture looks a little streched near suzannes chin. Besides that great job. Good luck with learning textures


Yea, I hade a hard time making the NOR bumpmaps look good. Are there any tuts or something that teach you how to use displacement maps?

It looks like you need OSA.

Yea, I rendered it with OSA and it killed the scene for some reason. It messed up the bump maps.

i had the same problem with my letter. the complete structure of my texture was gone. displacement mapping works by moving polygons when rendering. so you have to subdivide a couple of times to let displacement mapping work. that is how i did it with my letter.

What is the differnece wetween Disp mapping and NOR mapping? I allways use NOR with a greyscale pic and then put the color pic over it. Is there a better way?

when you nor map something it stays flat but it looks like its not. displacement mapping works by actualy changing the geometry of the model. you use the same texture for both. ill try to make a fast example showing the difference of disp mapping and nor mapping.

this is the difference:

displacement mapping:

nor mapping:

mifune: The displacement mapped object looks kinda “choppy”. Is it possible to get better quality with Set Smooth or SubSurf 1 level + Set Smooth?

Wow, there is a big difference! Do u need a grey scale pic to Disp map? How do you Disp map?

i think you do need a greyscale. you map the texture to the object, and click disp.

You need more than a grayscale for displacemnet mapping, you will have to edit the image map so that the low parts are black,middle gray and high parts white also use guassian blur at the end of making you disp map otherwise the edges will be too sharp and pertude in a stange way, if you just use a grayscale you will get lods of unwanted disp noise.

So I need to have a greyscale pic, make the low parts black, high white, and use guassian blur. And then map it to an objects in blender and hit Disp. Then put a color pic over it. Is this the way? Sounds a little complicated, but I’ll give it a try.

Thats the way, sounds compicated at the moment but you will get used to it, if are worried about complicated things why did decide to start using a 3d program lol. :wink:

lol, yea, I’ll give it a shot. I assuming that if I wanted to disp map bricks, I would make the mortar dark and the bricks white?

picture of disp mapping with smoothing and stuff:

Obviously the downside is higher vertex count, but thats so much better than Nor mapping.

Ok, tried it and it didn’t work. :frowning: I think I set up the pic wrong (how exactly am I supposed to do it?) here is the pic. http://zachgmedia.com/disp.jpg Could somebody please tell me how to make a picture work with a disp map. I couldn’t get it.

Ok, you are the right track, waaaaayyy too much guassian btw(pic was making me dizzy lol) you have to have gray in the image as the baseline for the disp map to work correctly, lets call it for ease of understanding the gray the ‘sea-level’, and all the white is land and the black is underwater. I think thats correct, seriously though im not to polished when it comes to texturing ask ‘env’.