Testing some yafray materials

I made this real quick just to test some yafray materials,


If you guys are interested i have been thinking of starting up a big blender/yafray resource page where everything can be found from one easy place… if you guys are interested e-mail me, if i can get enough interest and maybe some help I will try and get it going

[email protected]


Cool :slight_smile:

For the blender/Yable/Yafray big site ask directly to
Yable and Yafray creators, after all on yable site there is already a forum of discussion and some resources and the same is for yafray…


yes they do have information there, but some of it is hard to find, especially in the forums.

I think it would be very beneficial to the community and to the advancement of blender/yable/yafray themselves to have a good source of information that is easy to find and put to use.