TestPilot demo/WIP

Since around the beginning of the year I’ve been working on and off at learning the Blender Game Engine. I’ve finally got my first game to the point where I’m able to release a demo of it.

It’s no where near finished yet, and there’s still a lot I haven’t even started working on - such as graphics. I’ve focused mostly on getting the menu system built, and getting the core of the game functional.

The game itself is mostly a flight sim - except your able to modify the craft itself between levels, to better suit your skills and to better suit the level objectives. Not much of that can be seen yet, but it’s still early days for this game. I’d better note that at this stage flight is restricted to only two dimensions, so it’s essentially a side-scroller. This will change, but controlling the craft in 3D will be one of the last things I work on.

If anyone wants to leave CnC, what I’m looking at for this demo is how intuitive the controls and pre-level menu are. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to jump right into it, but the steep initial learning curve in flight sims have always been their Achilles heel. Any feedback on specific problems you had and suggestions on how I could improve would be greatly appreciated.

Attaching the Blend file to this post didn’t work, so I’ve uploaded the file to my dropbox account, and included the link to it below.

Edited Included a youtube video showing the game. It jumps around a bit, because Fraps was only recording it one minute at a time. Still, it gives you a pretty good idea of what the games like.

I’ll post a link to the game again when it’s a little bit better.

could you post screenshots and/or a video?

I’ll post a video, but it might be a day or two - just been hit with a tonne of work.