Tests 2012 (NUDITY)

I will try post some new tests and renders in this thread.
Here is some of the first renders of my current wip, sculpted in zbrush, retopology and all the rest was done inside of blender, there is still a lot to do like painting more maps, details and head’s anatomy need bit more work as well, but hope You guys like it.
(renders stright from blender no color correction was made)



Small update.


You have strange green dots on your character.
I found also the bump a little to strong.
But it’s a great model and a good looking shader.


Thank You for your reply.
I will try fix those dots, it should looks much better when i finish painting all the textures and i must agree with bump I gonna fix it later as well.

Hey, I know that guy! When did he shave his head?

Amazing sculpt!

I found some time to put bit more love into textures, there is still much to do but i think it getting better.
Tests with different light conditions.


Have you create bump by nvidia plugin to photoshop?

Bump was done inside of zbrush by baking normalmap.

Just anatomy study, sculpted in blender I will add more details in zbrush later.


Wow… Not much more detail is needed.

The body looks perfect.
The face is a bit ugly for a girl, of course at least you want it that way. Perhaps it is because the width of the inferior maxilar is too much making her face “square” like a man?

Well, head still needs loads of work that’s true, I will try make her looks more feminine.