Tests of Jahka Particles Explode Modifier

I was a little bored this weekend so installed the experimental build of Blender with the Jahka particle system rebuild. The following are some simple tests of the “Explode” modifier.


and another one:



Um wow…that’s been a missing feature. Did you compile form source or where did you pick up the build?

I installed the following build:

and then watched the following tutorial:

which is in Spanish (I think), and I don’t understand, but you can figure out what’s going on without the audio.

Those are some pretty cool tests. I personally cannot wait until jahka’s patches become part of official builds, then I’ll start using his stuff more often :wink:

Yes, I can’t wait either. The most important thing I’m missing, when using this build, is the lack of render farm support. It just crashes for me when I send it command-line parameters to render a single frame, so I can’t distribute the work to multiple machines. I’m used to having 70 computes at my disposal for rendering so waiting for my poor solitary laptop to render the above samples seemed to take forever.

Niceeeee… this’ll come in handy. I found the second one where the pieces kind of bounced very realistic. (Dunno why the go to the side like that, but still) And the last one looks like a large-scale explosion… :smiley:

In the second one the entire thing drops down all at once because the starting and ending frames were both set to 1. It bounced forward because I had added a small forward acceleration in “global effects” so it wouldn’t look too much like the previous one. All examples used a -9.8 Z force.

Increasing the number of frames between start and end makes the thing fall apart more gradually. Most of them flew apart in the direction of each part’s normal, except for the last one that blew straight outwards by setting initial velocity from the “Tan” setting.

The marble base was set for “deflection”, on the physics tab. In the first example I had set it to just “kill” the particles, but later experimented with different damping and friction settings.

Nice, too bad there’s no Blender solution to destroy the volume of an object and not just the surface, though having a bunch of faces going on the inside from one side to the other could somewhat simulate it.

PArticles don’t seem to be working with deflection properly :frowning:

@CD: Yes, volumes would be nice, but surfaces can be fun too…

I made the following last night:

Quick and dirty, but I think it looks pretty neat. At least I’ve never seen Suzanne do this before!

I’ve attached a larger still as well.


hey! thats cool!
it would be great if you could share a small tutorial or your methods.

Download the following blend file (you might have to right-click and “save as”):


Obviously, you can only load it into a build of blender that includes the new particles. This is the latest:


Once loaded, just assign a different material to each of the four “Suzanne” monkeys, then click the “Unified Bake” button on the “Physics” tab on the “Object” panel. She should shuffle off her three layers of skin.

To control how the skin fall, or flies off, you want to have a monkey selected, go to the “particles” tab on the “object” panel.

Make it fall off slower or faster by altering the Ending frame. It will leave the head all at once if the ending frame is the same as the start frame. Give it more frames and it will do so more gradually.

Under “global” effects you will see that there is a gravity-sized downward force and a smaller forward force to make the particles more likely to fall toward the camera.

Under “Initial Velocity” increase the normal amount and the pieces will fly apart faster in the direction of each parts’s normal. Do so for “Tan” and they will fly outward from the centre of the model.

Have Fun. Save often when using the experimental particles build.
Really really often.

The suzzane one looks pretty neat, nice demonstration of jahka’s particles.

@ Harley, thanks for sharing.:smiley:
i check for builds every few days:rolleyes:
Save often always!:cool:

@m.a: You’re very welcome. I really enjoy this site. I’ve been lurking for so long but have only recently been brave enough to post anything at all.

Until yesterday I didn’t have anywhere to put a “blend” file for download as I didn’t want to use some file-sharing site. I made a web page at work to hold this kind of thing along with some videos I’ve made:


I’ve just been playing with Blender since February of this year and am still very much a full-fledged noob, but I really enjoy it and it has become quite a hobby and obsession.