testures/png/jpg - newbie

I have just started learning Blender/Python/Panda. From what I read a texture is a small bit map repeated across a face. I want a picture (from a digital camera) to be placed on one face of a cube without repetition. That is it should fit that face whatever size it is drawn.

Can anyone explain where I should look to see how to do this (FAQs/manuals/demos/examples)?


I did a screen capturing while putting from gimp a bitmap texture
to blender cube in two different ways. File is 21mb.
I can send you the file if you want to learn that way ?

Textures seem to be rarely repeated. If you want the entire image (from your camera, or wherever) on a single face, then just add the texture and make sure (in the texture buttons) that Repeat X and Y are set to 1.

To be really exact, you will most likely want to use multiple materials. A simple tutorial for that can be found here: http://www.blender3d.org/documentation/htmlI/x4448.html. Using that, you could give the face you want to texture a material seaperate from the rest of the object and give that face the texture set to Repeat X, Y 1.


That would be really good thanks. How do we do that through his forum?

well i would have to send it to you in e-mail. I don´t want to try to get it hosted since its got some captured searching of files and it looks unpro, tuts i have seen do look pro.
If you have a yahoo or other e-mail account that has a quite limited attached file size limit, then i cannot send it to you.
edit-> if i had seen my tut years ago it would have saved me lot of time in learning blender i think, so i do recommend it even though it does not look pro.

Thanks, my emails are either limited or highly secure, but if you can send it to a friend it will get to me in a few days. The email address is [email protected] and if you could put “For steve t” in the subject, that would be great.