tesxtures show up in game? & import object with texture?

Hey guys I made a barrel for a shooting range I am making to learn the blender game engine and found two small problems I need help with. 1) How do you get textures to show up in the game engine? 2) I exported the barrel as a .obj so that I could inport it into another blend file (sould not figure out how to import a .blend into another .blend) When I inport it and hit F12 to see if i liked where it was the texture is gone, so i need to know how to get the texture to stay on the model when i import it.
Thanks in advanced

well first off… wrong section.
Textures should show up in the game engine but I dont think .obj keeps the texture (but I could be wrong) for importing from a different blend hit shift-f1 and select the blend then go to objects and select the object(s) you want to import

Cool, that made the textures stay when inported, thanks. Now just got to figure out how to get them to stay when in game