Rendered with Cycles. It took about 12 hrs cpu rendering with version 2.7. It would have been most likely a 16 hr render in 2.69.
Im very impressed with Blenders ability to handle scenes like this as to compared to just a couple years ago. Total mem usage was 3267m.
png version



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I love your materials and particle usage. From a compostional standpoint I think you should’ve put something more in the BG, aside from the sky, so the scene would’ve had more context and “A story”. A bit of postprocessing would enhance the sense of depth and mood greatly! Nontheless great work.

Very cool! Your technique that you described for creating the hanging vines etc was quite inventive! Overall very impressive work! Are the rocks sculpted? Modelled with displacements?

How did you create the trees?

Advice taken and I worked on the background. I have no “artistic eye”, but I try…

I used Arbaro for most of the trees.
The rocks were made by first using the landscape generator and setting it to sphere. Then I used a displace modifier on that with an empty driving the displacement so when I copied the rock ,the shape would change. I wish I had varied the actual size more.
New version:

Got my vote, nice job! :smiley:

looks great.a secret cult of warrior monks must be living in that little rock.