TetraVoxel Designer Game - click to create your design

This is a Voxel design game. I think the cool thing about this is that you can export your design to ply format, which blender can import for animation or stills. The designs are fast to make but could also be quite complex and sci-fi. The colours are not saved in the ply, but could be saved in future versions.

Files are generated in a folder c:\Blender\blendfiles so you need to create this folder before running the game. I would like to change this to some general folder if I can figure out how…

When you start the game there is a single tetrahedral block at 0,0,0. you may click any side to add another block etc. You may work in mirror mode by pressing x or y or z. The Game is based on the original from @Riyuzakisan who made a similar cube voxel editor.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/49584366/runtime.7z must be extracted in a folder C:\Blender\blendfiles to work…windows. Not sure if you can do the same in Linux c:/blender/blendfiles?

Some screenshots are included below. Undocumented (Press ‘p’ on keyboard not shown in controls) feature is exporting ply file to same folder as above - mirror xyz not included in the ply, but if you import to blender you may mirror the ply as you like.

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I’m not really sure what’s going on, but it looks pretty interesting.

I think it’s a level editor based on tetrahedron blocks/modules. Each block type seems to have a different type of model, and so on!

So I’ve taken a LONG time to re-write this in JS so people can run it in their browser.
It is here: tetragenius.github.io if you want to try it out;
3D designers may design new blocks and submit them to be able to build with them.

Graphic artists may add texture designs to blocks or prints. Licence is meant to let you keep your IP; web site allows sales for your profit. Feedback welcome!