Tetris for czech Weekend Challenege

Wow, I like it a lot. The only thing that needs a little tweaking is the ground texture, looks way too flat. I think that way to fix that is use the texture to make a displacement map, I’m still a Blender n00b. But regardless, it’s really nice.

P.S. Love the glass pieces too =P

May I see your material settings? And could you explain how you got the color into the glass?

I need a similar effect for my current project.

I agree, its really good.


If you are using YafRay to render, which this looks like, instead of clicking the ‘clear glass’ option, click the ‘colored glass’ option. Then set the main color. Easy as that. :slight_smile: Good luck, hope this helped!

So, the background isn’t modeled. It’s angular map world texture which I found somewhere here. (I should mention od DA). The amterial… the box is YafRay clear glass, and the pieces are colored glass with filter color.

P.S. I’ve changed it a bit, to make it look like real game. Check it out :wink: