Tetris: the Movie!!!!

Just kidding…I wanted to see how many people would actually look, though i think there is plenty of room for a plot on such a topic… Please don’t hurt me… :slight_smile:

Plot? With tetris? How do you figure?

I suppose you could have one scene where the main character is on the falling blocks and has to get away as they fall… %|


I’m fighting the urge.

A tetris movie… hmmm…

It would definitely have a better plot than a lot of movies out there now… 8)
I was curious when I read the title, maybe the tetris fan base is big enough that it might work.

oh, BTW, no more fake posts please. :expressionless:

I burst out laughing when I read the title of this thread! Thanks for the good chuckle!

You should make a feature length blend movie…

Hahahahaha! That was funny! Made me laugh!
Anyway, maybe that’s a good idea! A Tetris movie! Any volunteer?

I hereby volunteer my superhuman modeling skills to this project …

Step 1: Add > Mesh > Cube
Step 2: W-Key > Bevel
Step 3: Shift-D X 4 (+Ctrl-key for exact placement) - to create average Tetris piece
Step 4: B-Key > Select all cubes
Step 5: Ctrl-J

You have completed your first character model for the great Tetris:Movie project. Celebrate!

Damn! I’m good. :wink:

That sounds like a cool idea, maybe I’ll try that :stuck_out_tongue:
And when I first saw it I thought it was serious %|

LoL, sorry for the prank, it was too funny to resist. I think a Tetris:Movie would be a great blender project, and i know some nuts who would go see it…hmmm…nah. I may do it for kicks, add some dudes with lightsabers for no reason, fighting each other while standing on falling blocks… :slight_smile:

And a monkey! Gotta have a monkey…

What’s with the monkey?!?!?! Why is it always a monkey?!?!?! :smiley:

Because the penguin had another gig.