Teturing a floor with high res

Hello every one,I am working on a indoor render and came to a big problem…the texturing of the floor.
So I have a medium to large room with a floor that was supposed to be high resolution.Since it is quite big I made a huge UV map (16384 x 16384)…sadly blender crashes.I now have a 4096 x 4096 UV map but this would look grainy if the camera is close to it.So is there any trick on texturing huge surfaces but still having it look nice?
Thanks so much in advanced.


the trick is called tilable textures. you have to create a texture that can be repeated without visible seams (there are even some plugins for that in gimp and photoshop but you can do one on your own, too.
in blender, you can then just scale up your uv layout to the point where even a 64x64pixel image is sharp.

Hey thank you!
That works great!!!
You solved my problem