Tex Paint and UV Maps - Problems Reloading Images

Hi, I don’t know why but whenever I save my .blend file after unwrapping it and I reopen it then the UV map is all black when I saved it with a white background. Why is this?

Also, I was trying the “Texture Painitng” and the same thing. I was painting on the mesh and it was working fine until I saved the file and then reopened it. When I reopened it the mesh was all black as-well-as the UV map. (see image below) I was hoping to reopen it and continue painting on the mesh but I can’t.

Do you need to reload the UV.eps file or something? I tried this and it loaded the map with a grey background.

Is there a special step to reloading a map and texture paint map?



u have to save the image on your hard drive after u paint it do it in the uv image editor in image menu and save as ,and don’t forget to pack into blend in main header ,file,external data " OOps. your using 2.5 arn’t u I don’t know how in 2.5

Thanks David, Yes I’m using 2.5. I saved the image to my HD and I save the UV file and .blend file too, but I’d still like to know why when I open the files the mesh is all black. I’d really appreciate it if someone could walk me through their steps so I could see where I am going wrong. :slight_smile:


I’m not quite sure, but, have u actually wen’t to textures panel, and added a texture layer to material applyed to your object? After doing that, set texture type to “image or movie” (something like that) and then under mapping options set coordinates to UV, and select your UV layer. That should fix it.

Thanks. and Yes, I’ve done all of that and when I save my file and reopen it the mesh and UV image is all black.

I don’t see why the UV map can’t stay “white” once I’ve made it white and not default to black all of the time. Really annoying and may be a bug. If it’s not a bug then I hope it’s changed because you shouldn’t have to reload your UV map every time you reopen the file so long as you don’t move the file from it’s originally saved location.

I am using a more recent build too in case anyone wants to know.


Could someone please help with this?