Texel Density Checker 2.0 [UPDATE 02.10.19]

Ah ok bro , yeah , this morning I was painting my texture atlas and I realised about texel density, does work with overlapping uv?? I am not big fan of overlapping uv , but in this case I am using a lowpoly building, so it is cool stuff to overlap the uv island… In the case I do nOt want to loose my organization of the uv position, this addon could change the positions of the overlapping uv island… Ok , thanks for your this great addon , I would put in practice :smiley:

This add on is awesome to use with ue4. But in bledner 2.8 it shows an error (https://imgur.com/oJZNmKs). Can you please add support for 2.8 blender?

Blender 2.8 still develop and many API functions don’t work.
After September 19, Blender Developers will Finalized Python API and I begin porting addon for 2.8

Current 2.8 Development Roadmap https://code.blender.org/2018/06/beyond-the-code-quest/

Ok understood

UPDATE 1.0.8 (19.07.18)

-Set TD Methods: for each island or average TD value
-Select Faces with same TD


I keep getting an error message on some meshes. Most meshes are fine but for some reason some just do not play nicely with the addon. I’m trying to ‘set my TD’

Thanks for the addon though. It’s the best I’d found around!

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You try set density 0 px/cm. It is impossible) Please, try set any value grater by zero.
P.S. Try this case in 1.0.7 and this work. Hmmm…

Thanks for bug report, I add check for this case.

the value was set is 0.001. Here’s another example with the density set to 5

Download version 1.0.7 until I don’t fix that. It’s my fault

I just tried 1.0.7 and i’m still getting the same error message on some objects

Problem Solved. It is not a bug :slight_smile:

UPDATE (08.11.18)


UPDATE#2 (08.11.18)

Today was be change some API functions. If you use today’s build, download updated addon. I will upload different versions of addon with timecode in name. Example, Texel_Density_1_0_8_280-beta-1108 (from 08 November)


Hi, just wondering, does “Selected Faces” option work on 2.8, I tried multiple times and all uv islands are affected.

OK I get why now, the “Keep UV and edit mode selection in sync” option is affecting this addon.

Thanks for feedback! Please, download updated version

UPDATE 1.0.9 (02.06.19)

Fix bug, when “Set TD” work incorrect with “UV Selection sync” option.

Update available for Blender 2.79 & 2.80

WARNING: This last update for 2.79. All future update will be only for 2.8 branch


I have two good news:

  1. I created a public GitHub repository. You are welcome!

  2. Texel Density Checker now available on Blender Market. As paid addon 10$ (addon don’t difference with free version)



If you have any idea how make the addon better (improvements, new features, etc.), please, tell me about this. You can contact me this, on ArtStation or create Issue/Feature Request on GitHub.

I need your ideas!

And some more small news:

  • I started work for update GIF’s, videos and Docs to actual version of addon. Also I want rewrite head of this page.
  • I create on gumroad new products for peoples who want support me: One Time Support (5$+) and Subcription (5$+/month). With this products you don’t get any additional content or benefits.

Thank you for using my addons!
Thank you for reviews!
Thank you for bug reports!
Thank you for rating!
Thank you for support me!


Texel Density Checker 2.0 UPDATE (02.10.19) NOW AVAILABLE!!

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