Texel Density Checker 2.1 [UPDATE 09.01.20]

Hello, community!

with Texel Density Checker you can:

  • Calculate Texel Density for model for different texture size (512px - 4096px) or with custom size and aspect ratio

  • Rescale UV for getting texel density what you want

  • Use Interactive Checker Material

  • Copy TD from Active to Selected objects

  • and more…

UPDATE 2.0 (02.10.19) Realese Notes:

[New] Interactive Checker Material - Assigment Material with checker texture. Texture dynamically changes if you change “Texture Size” on Texel Density UI Panel. This feature have two modes:

  • Replace - Just delete all materials from selected objects and assign Checker Material.

  • Store and Replace - Save current materials assignment for each selected object (near blend-file will be created DB-file), to objects add checker material and assign to all objects. After this if you press “Restore Materials” button, all saved materials will be restored.

[New] Texel Density UI Panel in UV Editor Window - Now you can directly operate with faces in UV Editor without Sync Selection Mode.

[New] TD Checker works with MultiEdit (both modes - 3D View and UV Editor)

[Fix] Error if Custom Texture size equals 0 or negative

[Fix] Error if Calculated Value is very small

[Fix] “TD from Active to Others” change UV on Active Object

[Improvement] UI is more flexability

[Improvement] “Selected Faces” option is true by default

[Improvement] Change Texture Size or Units value calls recalculate TD

[Improvement] Refactoring of Code

I hope this addon will be very useful for somebody!

addon absolutely free and available on Gumroad, GitHub and Blender Market


This is a very interesting add-on. Thank you.

Great addon could there be possibility to copy texel density from another object to selected?

You can:

  1. select object 1 (source) and measure TD with button “Calculate TD”
  2. select object 2 (target), manualy enter measured value from object 1 and click “Set My TD”

Thanks for idea, I may be add this feature in the future

whats different than equalize:

As I know UV Equalize can’t calculate and set TD in px/cm

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You are my heros. I had already asck this question here and you have made the addon! Very Big Idea! Congratulations et a great thanks!
I will test it rapidely…

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Fantastic! I’ve been using other addons for this, but none of them allowed me to set the pixels per meter, so I’m looking forward to trying this out.

Could this work by mesearing the density of a single selected uv island and then apply it only on selected uvs in the same mesh?. I know the funtion called average island scale but sometimes is not usefull for me when I already have a desired denisty and I just want some uvs to be scale to that density.

Servapunk: Check if Magic UV doesn’t do this. I don’t have my Blender in front of me here, so I can’t check.
I believe it has a ‘measure’ and ‘set’ functionality that works off of your selection.

Now it’s not work for selected faces. Only average TD for all faces of mesh. But I plan to add this feature to the next version

Its good to know mrven, that is going to be so usefull, thank you.

Mighty Pea: I have magic UV but as far as I know it doesnt have this kind of funtionality. Maybe you are confunsing it with another addon. On the list of features on github is not listed something like that.

UPDATE 1.0.2 is here!


  • Calculate and Set Texel Density for selected faces
  • Copy TD from Active object to Other
  • Minor bug fixes

Thanks for the update, the calculate density by selected face is working great. I dont know if you have also planned to implement setting the density also only on selected face. Currently it sets on the entire object. I think that would be usefull. Thank you again.

Setting TD for selected faces now work. May be you don’t check “selected faces”? Or maybe… if you want change TD for faces with different TD you need after “set My TD” use “Average Island Scale” (Ctrl+A) in UV-Editor. After this all faces must have correct TD.

Thank you, this is really a very interesting add-on.

I have the Problem, that the Texel Density isn’t calculated correct, it’s to high.

In the Background you can see an exactly 1m1m plane with a 10241024 UV-Grid. So, if im not worng, it have a Texel Density of 10.24px/cm. Now i want to set the Texel-Density with your addon of the Asset in the front also to 10.24px/cm, but it doesn’t work. Did you guy’s know what i’m doing wrong here? Thank you for your help!

I think I know what is wrong. You use Unit Preset “Centimeters”. Addon works correct only with blender units or preset “Meters”.
You can change Units, Rescale you model and try again calculate/set TD.

Thanks for you reply. I try fix it in the future.

HOTFIX 1.0.3!!!

  • Fix method of calculation Texel Density. Previously TD calculated incorrectly.
  • Fix final TD, if Islands have differents TD.

Known issues:

  • Addon works correct only with Blender Units or Unit Preset “Meters”. If you set any other Unit System, TD will be incorrect.

Thank you, that’s it, now it works perfect! Amazing Addon, helps me a lot in producing Game-Assets.