Texel Density Checker 2.2.1 [UPDATE 20.02.20]

yeah I realized that as i did some more experiments, you are correct that it’s either texture size or divide big islands into a small islands. Anyway, thanks for helping me out and I understood everything about Texel density. so Cheer!

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Is it possible to add a specific function to this addon?:

Some sort of action that calculates all the pixel densities of the selected meshes, and uses a mathematical formula to translate these values to a vertex color gradient, which is then baked to the mesh. The vertex color will be ranging from blue to green-red based on pixel density. Would be nice to input target texture resolution and target range of texel values to be mapped to the vertex color gradient range.
I’m even willing to pay a bit to have such an implementation :slight_smile:

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Hmm. Interesting idea. I think I can implement this feature in the future update. But I don’t know how long I will develop this function.

UPDATE 2.2 (18.02.20) for Blender 2.81 and higher

[New] Baking Texel Density Value to Vertex Colors

Bake User’s TD range (Min/Max TD Values) to RGB gradient (Blue -> Green -> Red).

Baked Vertex Colors not replace exist VC on objects - for Texel Density will be created own VC “td_vis”. After Baking VC viewport shading will be changed to Vertex Color. Also Checker Material supports now Baked VC (Coloring Texture with VC).

For Deleting Baked VC press “Clear TD Vertex Colors”.

[Improvement] Change Checker Texture Type - Color Grid or UV Grid


It could be nice to have this grid in this beautiful add-on :wink:Annotation 2020-02-18 185430

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It would be good to handle UDIMs now that 2.82 has officially released.

We’ll basically need 2 sets of functionality: the ability to check/set texel density across all UDIM tiles at once (while keeping the UVs within their respective tiles etc) and the ability to check/set density only on the active UDIM tile.

If the UDIM support that’s there doesn’t allow your addon to do this, it would be good to get that added as part of https://developer.blender.org/T72390 sooner rather than later.

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Hello! I added this feature to task tracker

Hmm. Maybe I will add custom checker texture support in the future

UPDATE 2.2.1 (20.02.20) for Blender 2.81 and higher

[Improvement] Increase performance for “TD to Vertex Colors”

[Improvement] Increase performance for “Select Faces with same TD”

[Improvement] More accuracy calculation for N-gons


I love the new vertex color visualization checker. Helps to see problems and visualize pixel density. Good job!