TexMesh Button. How to ?

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Hi guys,
Can somebody explain me how exactly to use the TexMesh Button in the EditButtons Window of Blender?

I would also be interested in advanced use of it.

Thank you very much in advance. :slight_smile:

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Actually I don’t know much about advanced usage of the TexMesh button (haven’t used it actually…)

But I know that you use it to enter there the name of another Mesh block… That other Mesh block then, becomes the source for your texture coordinates…

It’s a Text Button, which means that you simply left click on it while holding the SHIFT key… Then you get a cursor and you fill in the Mesh block name…

Blender’s manual says that you can achieve morphing like effects, by distorting the active Mesh, this way. "For example, a straight stream of water (as an animated texture) can be placed in a winding river…

That’s all I know…

I hope this helps for a start…


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Hi scontar,
thank you very much for your answer, but unfortunately that was all I also knew about the TexMesh Button.

Actually I was referring exactly to the “straight stream of water (as animated texture) placed in a winding river…” when I was asking for advanced examples and links.

I am sure that button can do a lot of nice things! :slight_smile:

I hope also in the interest of everybody in this forum to receive a lot of answers to my question.

Take care … and keep Blending! :wink:

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Well, it’s too bad I wasn’t much of help to you… :frowning:

Anyway, you must know that there are a lot of undiscovered things about Blender even till now…

The best way I guess, since so far there isn’t anyone out there to enlighten us a bit more, is to try to see what this thing does, for ourselves… I think I’m going to for sure… :wink:

Experiment and you’ll be rewarded… I think a new tutorial waits there to be written!!! :wink:


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…Hi skontar (sorry for the mispelling of your nikname in the previous posting).

Yes, I hope to see it soon because that is one of the less commented buttons in Blender!

I’ll also keep trying to understand how it works in the meantime.

Ciao. :-?

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Hi guys,

here there is something, not too much but better than nothing!


More advanced examples from GURUs would be highy appreciated.

Thks. :slight_smile: