Text Adventure Game

Simulate a text adventure. Pretend to be the computer as you respond to the ‘command’ of the previous poster. Then enter a ‘command’ yourself. Note: computer responses must be connected, following the storyline.

I’ll go first to describe the setting.

Somehow, at the edge of drunken stupor, you have managed to wander into the last open bar a few hours before dawn. You sit down, ask for a drink, and just as soon as the glass is put into your eager hand, you gulp it down. As you look around, you notice the patrons: you can’t put your finger on it, but there’s something odd about them – something out of place. Even worse, they’re now all staring at you, some puzzled, some amused, some outraged. One of them stands up and calls: “This one is not a member of the Pack!”
A group stands from their table, staring at you with open hostility. You think of leaving the bar, but then a man from the table across from yours catches your eye. He appears more welcoming despite the many scars and his wrestle-mania looks. He lets you peek under his coat, where he holds a strange-looking gun.
“You have two choices here, kiddo”, he says; “make a run for it and hope morning comes fast 'nuff to outrun the Pack. Or… hire ya a gun to make sure your skin stays wrapped 'round dem bones. So, what will be?”

You look at door. You can EXIT the bar to run for your life. The man still waits for you to TALK to him.


Cool - this appears to another forum game!

I still haven’t finished the other ask a question game yet so I will play this once that is finished.

By all means. You’re playing that one fantastically well. Sometimes it even seems like you’ve mastered the mechanics.

Yeah thanks. Although every now and then the game throws a challenge for me, so I still need to put more time and focus into it.

ruins kbot’s hard work:evilgrin:

“Arr,” he says, and a scent of seawater emerges from him, “I am a member of the pack, but I’ve got me grudges. You seem like a nice lad, perhaps not the brightest, and you will surely remember this favor and repay me when I call on you.” He holds out his hand. You eye it with anxiousness. Some of the other patrons are advancing toward you. “So is it a deal, boy?” he asks in his raspy tone. You shake his hand quickly, still not having enough courage to speak. “Well, lad, there are a wee bit too many of 'em, have you got a weapon?”

You glance around for weapons.

(I think it would be fun if the poster would give 2 or more commands and the next person would have to pick one and base their story on it)

>> equip DRUNK MAN as WEAPON
>> equip MONEY as WEAPON
>> cower as UNKNOWN MAN fights BAR PATRONS