Text aliignment (i.e. Justification) does not seem to work

Here is the problem: I can get text to align to the right in preview mode (image #1) but as soon as I enter the game engine, it pops back into left text alignment (image #2).

I must be missing something really simple or maybe this is a known issue? I just noticed this in 2.75a but vaguely recall the issue in earlier versions. Blend file is also attached:
TestAlignTest.blend (451 KB)

It does the same thing in mine as well. The only way I could get the text to stay right-aligned was by converting it to a mesh, but then it loses dynamism.

It does appear that BGE will undo any changes to object’s origin(the orange dot) made within the paragraph alignment and only display them in the LEFT only, a bug perhaps?

I’ve no idea what you’re doing here but you could still manually reset object’s origin with ctrl+shift+alt+C(origin to 3d cursor), hope that helps

I’m trying to set up a player stats pane with the names of stats left justified on the left and the values right justified on the right. It would easy if this feature simply worked.