text all time white in game engine??

hi i create a game whith dialogues
but in the very dark scenes, it cannot be seen the text white.
the text becomes dark.

how i can form the textures of the text
so that it does not respond to the lights of the scene.
the text continues with the same illumination.

thanks for any aid
excuse me my English.
i am spanish from argentine
I hope can understand to me

the example:

In the materials menu, there is a button that says “Shadeless”. If you click on it, the text texture will ignore light altogether. Here’s what it looks like:
http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m265/B13nd3r_633k/shadeless.png Also, if you are, DO NOT USE BLENDER TEXT IN GAMES. You can if you don’t know how to texture iwth alpha images, but the better alternative would be to add a plain and add the text as an image file on the plain.

Another way is to use an overlay screen for text. The light will always be the same on the letters that way, and they will always be in the same position on the screen. Thanks for the shadless timp B13, I didn’t know that either.