Text and Transparency

Need some advice on how to make the text only appear when the spotlight is on it; i.e. the spotlight moves vertically from top to bottom, and I only want the portion of text to show that is being illuminated as yellow. I’ve added this in the VSE as over alpha, and it works fine; EXCEPT, the portion of text not illuminated shows black.

Here is the file: https://jumpshare.com/v/Pan6Iqr7UmidzK2KtcR1

All help/advice sincerely appreciated!!

If the problem is that you still have transparency in the VSE, that’s because using the Alpha Over blending mode doesn’t do anything without something underneath. You want to add a black background by slecting Add > Effect Strip > Color.

Thanks, ChameleonScales, for the reply. I do have additional images “underneath”, with the text and transparent background above it. The text is black until the spot hits it, in which case it is yellow. My delima is how to make the text not appear while it is black, or until the spot hits it. The Blend file is attached in my original post.

OK I think I get it now. The problem is that you use a non-black background, so of course you would see the silhouette of the text when it’s not lit. So you may want to use a shadow pass and plug it in the alpha : text_only_ shadow_pass.blend (1.25 MB) (simply hit render and wait until it’s over to see the result)

PERFECT! Thanks so much, mon ami. Project is now a complete success.

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