Text Animation

Dear Community,

I would like to see my transparency automation for text in the 3D View, I made two key frames (Material > Transparency > Z Transparency > alpha Field).

0-10 sec 1.000
10 sec 0.500

so my textfield gets a bit of transparent during the 10 second interpolation. Okay so far


I transformed my text objects into mesh (ALT + C) to make that possible.

Now I recognized that there is no turning back to change that text later on. (TAB now toggels between OBJECT and EDIT mode when I select the text object, so it has lost its function to change the text). I guess, that ALT + C is not reversible to make it a text object again and toggle between those 2 states being Text <–> Object, vice versa.

Is there another way to show the transparency animation (automated Alpha Value) in the 3D Window while working on the project. I would love to get a way around the time consuming Rendering process (F12) in between to get into a good flow.

Thank you
Kind regards

Now I recognized that there is no turning back to change that text later on
At this stage you can undo (ctrl+z) you will have text back. One this thing i learn is before doing things that i m sure about i usual save and then if i got lost, I just close Blender then I pick it up from the last save. Another trick i have learned is to duplicate (shift+d) stuff just in case.

Like most of us we learn Blender or 3D the hard way :wink:


not bad, good ideas to work around!!!
Yes I learn it the hard way, too I guess (hope, at least okay for me). I have a concept here and try to realize it as far as I can myself being more musician. But it´s fun, too.

Alright, I have one UNDO Step back, clear so far.
Say I would bring a text field to the object status (ALT + C) and then work on further with a duplicate of this.
Can I undo an object, even if the UNDO history is some steps ahead? Just in case, I don´t know a program who is able to do this. UNDO per Object so to speak.

So - thanks very much for all your kind help!!!