Text bends together with Paper Mesh

Hi folks,

I would love to ask if there is a way for me to create a scene where texts are written on a Paper and the Paper has to bend?

Simply put, the text will also blend when the Paper bends. Here is how I create the bending of the paper.

I drew a “G”. converted it to a curve and gave it some bevels. Regarding the paper, I used a Lattice Modifier to bend it.

However, when the Lattice Mesh moves, the paper bends but obviously not the letter “G”.

Thank you!

Depends on how the writing goes on it. Could use dynamic paint to get a greyscale image sequence that is used as a mask in a texture.

What you’re doing there, both would have to use a lattice modifier, more geometry on the paper, and possibly shrinkwrap modifier for the text. Surface deform modifier would be nice but it’s only available for a mesh.