text bitmaps not showing

hello i have been working with blender on and off for about a year now andi am working a project with a couple of my friends. were are creating a over a shoulder shooter and i had been assigned to start work on the HUD.The ammo count was my first task so i used this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAfQn3kgMoUinstead of using a coin i used an ammo crate instead. every thing in this tutorial was done correctly and it was working fine until i must of accidentally hit a button or pressed a hot-key that seemed to of disabled the text bitmaps from showing also the Alpha and clip alpha options are now ineffective. so blender users help?, im sure the answer is out there and is rather simple. please ask me any questions that will help solve this problem.

thank you


project_Nexus v.1.blend (641 KB)