Text boxes for RPGs?

NOTE: I’ve used the search to look for this, but it didn’t work.

I was wondering If there was a way to do something… specific. I want to make an RPG (I know it’s not the BEST idea for a first game, but so far it’s going all right) that uses heavy amounts of text-- unique for pretty much each character. I wanted to know how to make it so when pressing a button near another character/sign, a text box appears any where I want it to (preferably the bottom or top right corner, or even just the bottom), that types out a string of text. for some of the text, I want there to be a flashing prompt that tells you to continue- either closing the text box and resuming the game, or going to another string.

I’m guessing it has to do with an overlay scene, but I would like it to still have the game scene showing. I would like the game to keep playing, but you can’t move, and when AFTER the text box is gone, character control is regained.

please help!

EDIT: the attachment shows in a way what I want to do :confused:


Just make a plane and put a texture with the message on it. Make the plane have no collison or gravity. And then use hide/show specific object when you touch the character you want to talk to. Or maybe you have to send a message to the plane and when that message is sent use hide/show plane. If you have lamps in the scene you should make the plane shadeless as well. Letter by letter messages I have no idea how to make, and I haven’t seen it been made in blender either. Good luck.


You searched huh?

Just modify the script to suspend the scene, and that’s it. It’s not very hard… :confused: :wink:

Good luck!

thanks, link! but, I have some questions. I tried doing a manual transfer, but it kinda has backfired right now. I have a .blend file here for you to see if i did anything wrong…

I’ve been doing things according to the code, but I don’t know if I’m right. can you see for me?

GAHH the attachments won’t work!

oh well. can you just tell me all the object names I will need? because i see ‘lines’ in the script, but not anywhere in the blend file.

I made it very template like, I don’t understand… Just copy the scene ‘Speech’, I think it’s that, append it to your game, and that’s it!

It’s very easy :wink:

wel, I don’t really think so. I’m not using your blend file. I saved the scripts to the cpmputer, and inserted them to MY blend file. I looked at and put in all teh logic blocks and such, made my own speech scene, etc. but it still doesn’t work.

here is my file that I’m using:


Nice job linkxgl

Ok, I’m sorry for the late answer but here it is fixed, you forgot to make the player have a talk bool property, you also forgot the speech string property on the speecher, and you forgot the script on the appear and disappear stuff.

There’s still one problem though… It’s not appearing at all in the Speech scene, it works, it just doesn’t appear for some reason… I don’t know what to do on that.

nice game btw, looks like evil animal crossing… lol

Here is the .blend:
Your Game

Thanks! But I can’t seem to find the script you’re talking about ( I’m trying to copy your changes to the current blend file which has some textured things that I don’t want to go through again).

the reason It’s probably not showing up is because the boxes for the IPOs aren’t connected the controllers in the logic boxes… heh…

EDIT: nevermind I connected the IPO things and it still doesn’t work :frowning:

I’ll compare mine to your example again, and see if I missed anything.

EDITEDIT: oop, fixed that too. needed to add what seemed an uneccessary always in teh background’s logic… but yea, no flips.