Text color and direction problems.


I’m making a verry basic game from the “my first blender game” tutorial series on youtube.
Now I’m at part 5.

I have 2 problems:

  1. The text I made is white/grey instead of black.
  2. The direction of the text is vertical. (so the second number is under the first number)

I’m using blender 2.63.
Please does somebody have a sollution for my problems?

If you are use font objects in the bge, the material color did not work (You can delete the material).
You must change the object color in the “Object” tab (cube symbol) --> “Display” --> “Object Color”.

If you use a bitmap font, then enable “Shadeless” in the material.

If you use font objects and want text vertical text with vertical letters rotate the text 90 degrees.
If you use font objects and want text vertical text with horizontal letters. Then you need a script that splits the text in separate letters and add the single letters among each other.

If you use bitmap fonts look at this tutorial.

Thank’s for knowledge and tips.Text color and direction problems…

  1. That object color is now black, but the text is still white.

  2. The direction of the text is now horizontal but each letter is pointing to the right to, no matter how I rotate it.

With that information I can’t give you an answer.

I need to know if you use font objects or bitmap text and what is your setup.

But Easier is when you make an little example file. If you use bitmap text don’t forget pack the textures in the file.

I just use an .tga file

Make sure it isn’t on the same layer as a lamp.

Point 1:
For Bitmap Text (.tga) there are two ways.
First way:
You can color the letters from .tga file.

Second way:

  1. In the material panel activate “Shadeless” (lamp has no influence) and change the material color.
  2. In the texture panel activate “Alpha” and deactivate “Color” (take material color).

Point 2:
I think you need t flip the UV-Map.

  1. Open the UV/Image Editor.
  2. Select the text and pres Tab for the edit mode.
  3. Select all vertices in the UV/image windows. Then press following letters on the keyboard. S, -1, enter.