Text: Convert Font to curve (single filling group)

Hi there…

I’m looking at the options of what you can convert text into. I understand Curve and I understand Mesh, but what is the option of “Curve (single filling group)” and why would you want to use that option?

Thanks for any help…

You would convert text to a curve so you can use it as a path for other objects.

Say you want a particle emitter to travel along the outline of a font?

But what is the difference between the Curve option and the Curve (single filling group) option?


Why don’t you just try it and observe the result?

And this is the same as: “I don’t know”.
I mean: if you have no answer, why answer: “Do it yourself” ?
It’s the same as the good old: “Read the fu**ing manual”.
OK, sorry for the rant, as I don’t know the answer, either. :wink:

It has something to do with optimization of the curve conversion. The previous (curve) would cut only the first letter out when joined with another curve. The improved “single fill curve” groups all the glyphs so that you can cut the whole thing out of another curve:

(26 second screencast showing this)

Thanks Blinkozo!

As far the previous fellow’s response… I did try to observe and didn’t think about trying to cut curves out of it. Both results looked the same in the Buttons window and both looked the same in Edit Mode.

Thanks again!