Text Creation

I want to create a text title. This is the tutorial I found:

To create text, press space bar and select add/text.

Change font switch to edit mode (F9) and press load font and select new font.

I am using the most recent version of Blender and I am not sure how to do everything mentioned in this tutorial … If you known how to do all of this … please tell me.

Blender only supports the post script type 1 font. (I’m not sure how to do what comes next, explain how if you can.) To extrude text/logo, hold down (Where is Ext 1 + Ext 2 in new version of Blender?) Ext 1 and Ext 2 gives a bevel to the text and Bevresol gives it defination.

Alt C lets you switch from curves to mesh, then lets you edit the mesh and give another shape to your text.

This tutorial may have been written for a version of Blender that is different that the one I have, if you think I am right please let me know. If I am right any help you can provide about text creation will help.

What I want to do is create a title that looks like it is made from rotting skin for a short story that I will be adding to my online profile at myspace.com.

When I get a firm grip on creating text, then on to the rest of Blender!

Thanks To All Of You Who Help Me Out As I Get Used To Blender!

When the tutorial says “Press Space(bar)” questions go in the Modelling forum.

Press Spacebar >> Add >> Text. Click Load and navigate to C\Windows\Fonts and select the font you want to use.

Hit Tab and press Alt-C twice.

Create a Material (F5) and a combination of Textures (F6) to make the skin.