Text/curve problem

I’ve got some text which is missing some faces. I guess it must be some problem with the font, but, for example, the bottom half of the “e” has its faces missing. (I have a screenshot, but I can’t see how to attach it here… seems I was able to before…)

Anyway, when I convert this to a curve, the outline curve itself is fine, but the face/surface is missing in just that small section of the “e”. Is there some way to “fill in” a curve which is already supposedly filled in? If I adjust the extrude/width/etc… it only operates on the surface that currently exists. Why might there be missing surface sections in a curve?



Put the image on ImageShack and paste the link it provides for forums on here instead.


Thanks. Here it is…


Just a guess – is the “E” a closed curve??


Hi Greybeard,

Thanks for the reply. I don’t really know. I have looked closely at it and I don’t see any places where it is open, or anything to explain why part of the letter has a surface. The border between the filled and unfilled part of the e does not have a curve line along it. If I look at in wireframe mode I see nothing strange at all, the e looks like all the other letters. If I convert the curve to a poly, several similar chunks of other letters disappear, and don’t return if I convert back to bezier.



Fixed it. Eventually I narrowed the problem down to the hole in the e, which had some weird extra vertices. Converted that only to poly, cleaned it up a bit, and now things are working fine.

Thanks for the responses.