Text disappears at viewport boundary in BGE.

Hey all,
I have an empty adding a text object (uv plane) to my scene, it scrolls left across the screen entering from the right side of the screen (the empty is outside the viewport).

All works fine, until the first character or so exits the left side of the viewport, as soon as that happens the entire sentence disappears… I’m guessing this has something todo with the text not actually existing, meaning its just the property of the plane that creates the text, so the actual text mesh is only the size of the “@” plane.

I’ve also tried it with the text coming toward the camera, but as soon as the @plane, exits the viewport anywhere, the entire sentence disappears. I have checked that its not the add object life value causing trouble as I tried it on 0 and 2000, but still the entire sentence of text disappears once the @plane exits the viewport. Also there are no Alpha or RGB ipo’s running on the plane.
I’m not using GLSL, I’m using Blender materials.

Any ideas anyone? :confused:

Add a mesh from another layer would be the only thing I can think of

Thanks for the reply.
The camera and empty are on layer 1, the text plane is on layer 2.
I am running the scene on layer 1 as per usual.
Is this what you meant?

Select the text, in edit mode add another plane and scale it to the length of the text.
[it will be invisible]

“the actual text mesh is only the size of the “@” plane.”
And and it looks like the camera only renders objects in the view.

Many thanks mate,
I added another plane and positioned it well past the length of the text sentence and joined it to the text plane, then set that plane’s face to invisible in the texture face buttons.
Works like a charm. :yes: