Text editor for code wanted

Hi folks.

You know me, so here’s my question:

does anyone know of an open-source (preferably) program to edit text, but with code in mind. Like PSPad. I’d like to work with code languages like html, css, javascript, c++, python… you know them.
I’m hesitant of trying PSPad, but my google search has turned up little interesting things… mostly things I don’t trust or programs with a free trial.

What do you use which you can recommend?

I use PSPad if I just need an editor.

But that doesn’t happen very often. I prefer in almost any case a specialized tool that offers advanced an specialized support. Programming without a good IDE? Ok for the very first learning steps (I would even recommend that) or if you want to impress someone, but in no way for productive use.

Check out jedit @

http://www.jedit.org/ :slight_smile:

I am going to get a bunch of people disagreeing with me but I would recomend emacs. It is very much like Blender in that it is tremendously powerfull but very cryptic. Just like blender, mastering results in a tremendous boost to your productivity. You can find it for all Linux, OSx, Windows and just about every other OS. It takes a small investment to learn but it is not wasted effort.


This is the part where I say vi right? :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say that I, being a newbie coder (actually I’m not really a coder but I have to learn C / C++ for my studies), too, use emacs for windows. As he said, it IS cryptic to get the full features out of the programme but especially when you’re starting you really don’t need very advanced features, they’re just distracting from the learning process…at least in my opinion.

I really like notepad++ (you did say on Windows, right? :slight_smile: ) for this stuff. Handy lil’ app…

cat >filename and CTRL-D are enough for everyone…

Just one final comment on emacs and I’ll go back to my dark corner and shut up.

It may feel overwelming at first but it has built in support for every computer language that I can think of: c,c++, perl, python, ruby, Fortran, etc. etc.
As very junior programmer it is important for you choose a tool that will grow with your level of expertise and will be transportable. Emacs fits the bill.


Thanks guys!

I’m going to check out both Jedit and Emacs and see what fits me best. I don’t have a problem with working with a program among the style of Blender… I’m a quick learner :smiley:

For large projects, like the Blender source code Source Navigator is fantastic


Only for C/ C++ / Java … “other programming languages”


And this is the part where I say vim, right? :wink:

Here it comes, here it comes… :slight_smile:
I think that once emacs and VI ( or vim) are mentioned in the same thread there should be an automatic invocation of the godwins law:



I don’t code, but I find this texteditor very useful though, very nice one:

Windows only though…

good luck!

This is a bit more than a Notepad type program, but it is still a fantastic program that I use for all coding purposes (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc).


I’m using Notepad ++ as it was mentioned above. I really like it, simple and effective. The synthax highlights and color really make it easier and more enjoyable to shift through javascript or html code.


Another vote for Notepad++.

vim / gvim all the way baby…



Oh yeah, let’s give 'em bloody emacsers hell, boys! :smiley:

Definately try vi/vim/gvim. Cryptic, steep learning curve, but hey, we all love that, don’t we. Also, could there be anything better than the odd “:wq!”? Beats Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift any time.

Uh… I’d better stop before it gets too hot in here :wink: To be honest, you should choose your editor based on what you like and need. Both emacs and vi are very powerful, but there are lots of alternatives if you don’t need all the keyboard wizardry yet. Although vim is very nice :wink: