Text Editor Question

I already know that there are faster ways to get the job done but I am testing out the text editor.

I took a random addon and pasted into the text editor and activated via the “Run Script” button.

The addon showed up in the Panel on the left of the 3D View underneath Object Tools as expected. Now I want to remove the addon.

My questions:

First what is the official name for the Panel on the left in the 3D View that can be toggled on and off with “t”?

What is the official name of the Panel on the right in the 3D View that can be toggled on and off with “n”?

And how do I unactivate a script that is pasted in the text editor and is activated via the “Run Script” button?

  1. to the left, it’s the Tool(s) window
  2. to the right, it’s called Properties; depending on who you ask, it’ll be Properties window, Properties pane or something else. For convenience, I think of it as Numeric Properties. That way, the ‘n’ shortcut makes sense to me. But, since the window to the far right (where you find the tabbed display of settings for Render, Scene, World, Object, etc.) is also called Properties, it’s a good idea to find some way you can distinguish one from the other. Calling both Properties, despite the repetition of information, is too confusing for me.
  3. I’ve never found a satisfactory solution to this, but you can click on the minus icon in the titlebar to delete the script. This won’t refresh Blender enough to get rid of any UI features added by the script, however. You might try closing and opening any windows/panes where those UI features have been added and see if that does the trick. If not, the only other suggestion I have is to save your file BEFORE running the script and then reload it after you hit the minus icon.

thank you rontarrant

I kinda figured that was the answer. Best I can do for now is quit the program to go back to the default.

I am liking the idea that Blender has a text editor and it would be sweet if I could addon a more fancier text editor.