text edtior font ?

is there a way to change the text editor font and how

just lost almost 2 days to find that l=1 i mean
almost no difference on HD screen at font size of 8!

is there a font that has lot of differences for all letters and numbers!


You could increase the DPI value for everything, scale the text editor (Ctrl and +) or replace the font e.g. by Lucida Console or Terminal:

take any mono-spaced truetype font, compress it with 7-zip using gzip and call the archive bmonofont-i18n.ttf.gz

Got to Blender\2.xx\datafiles\fonts\ folder (xx = your minor version)

Rename the existing bmonofont-i18n.ttf.gz to something else and place your own inside the folder.

Restart blender and enable International fonts in System tab (user prefs).

got a free lucida
strange thing is that i change a local version and it works

but it also change my installed version font!
how come ?

have to find a free programmer font with bar on zero